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Zadornov Alexander, Archpriest

Name kurz: Задорнов А., прот.
Name Original: Задорнов Александр, протоиерей
Name in Englisch Zadornov A., Archpriest
Personengruppe: Moderne Wissenschaftler, Autoren des „Theologischen Boten“, Kirchliche Schriftsteller
Professionelle Interessen: Theologie, Kirchenrecht, Russische Religionsphilosophie
Konfession: Orthodoxie
Kurze biographische Information: Teacher at Moscow Theological Academy

Autor 1 публикации:

    Zadornov Alexander, Archpriest
    15. Juni 2012
    An international symposium on "The Holy Sacrament of Holy Unction and caring for the sick" was hosted in Bucharest from 15-16 May 2012. Amongst the participants in the academic and practical seminar, organised by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Bucharest together with the Bucharest Archdiocese of the Romanian Patriarchate, was Archpriest Alexander Zadornov, a teacher from the Moscow Theological Academy, with a presentation that dealt with the canonical dimension of the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

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